Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Character creation challenge day 26

 Day 26

System: B/X

Desired class: Thief

Ability scores rolled: 12, 11, 16, 14, 11, 8

Starting gold: 120 gp

These stats would make a decent to very good character of any class, but since we're going for a thief, let's take 2 points each from Strength and Intelligence and bump up Dexterity to 16. I could go for the coveted 18, but that would mean losing a Wisdom bonus, and I rather like the notion of a wise thief. Hit points on d4 come up a 1, so this character better avoid getting hit at all until at least 2nd level.

Finnys "Two-penny" Mercer, 1st level thief

Strength 10

Intelligence 9

Wisdom 16 (+2 to magic-based saving throws)

Dexterity 16 (+2 to missile attacks, -2 to AC)

Constitution 11

Charisma 8 (-1 to reactions, max. retainers 3, retainer morale 6)

AC 5       Hit points: 1            Alignment: Neutral

Thief skills: Open Locks 15%, Find/Remove Traps 10%, Pick Pockets 20%, Move Silently 20%, Climb Walls 87%, Hide in Shadows 10%, Hear Noise 1-2 on 1d6.

Leather armor, short bow, 20 arrows, short sword, backpack, thieves' tools, standard rations, water skin, lantern, 4 flasks of oil, tinder box, 10' pole, 5 gp left.

Height: 5'2"        Weight: 106 lbs.        Age: 17

Orphaned when her parents died of fever when she was 11, Finnys soon found herself on the streets, where her common sense and uncanny intuition quickly earned her a place of respect among a gang of urchins. Tends toward stoicism, with a very subtle sense of humor. Remarkably honest for a thief; she's not a very convincing liar, so avoids it whenever possible.

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