Sunday, January 31, 2021

Character creation challenge day 31

 Day 31 - The Finale!

System: B/X

Desired class: Fighter

Ability scores rolled: 8, 9, 11, 9, 8, 8

Starting gold: 80 gp

No high scores at all here, but we can still make a playable character out of them. Let's start by dropping Wisdom to 9 so we can bump Strength up to 9 and avoid that penalty. Fighter hit points on d8 -- 6, -1 for low Con = 5.

Aulf Colford, 1st level fighter

Strength 9

Intelligence 9

Wisdom 9

Dexterity 9

Constitution 8 (-1 hp per die)

Charisma 8 (-1 to reactions, max. retainers 3, retainer morale 6)

AC 4       Hit points: 5        Alignment: Lawful

Chain armor, shield, mace, sling, backpack, standard rations, water skin, 6 torches, tinder box, 8 gp left.

Height: 5'7"        Weight: 160 lbs.     Age: 21

Aulf never let a lack of talent stand in the way of trying something, and an adventuring career is no exception. He finds humor in his missteps, but also possesses a gritty determination to learn and progress past them. Some say he is overly optimistic, but he laughs at them, too.

It seems oddly appropriate that my grand finale of the Character Creation Challenge should be a fellow with no high abilities at all, two even garnering penalties, yet who still stands a good chance of success as a dungeon-crawling adventurer as well as brimming with roleplaying potential. That's the wisdom I take away from this challenge: Don't succumb to cookie-cutter notions of what a character or a class should be. Don't throw up your hands and throw out a set of stats that seems mediocre or even subpar; find a way to make an interesting and fun character from them, and play it for all it's worth. 

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