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Over the years I've written a fair bit of content, some of it mediocre or worse (but nonetheless still available for reading) and a few articles that, even on re-reading, I genuinely feel proud of. These are some of those latter -- not necessarily the most popular posts in terms of views or comments, but simply the ones I like best, and that have held up well even as my ideas have evolved.

Creative Cursing
Curses for magical weapons, more interesting and evocative than the standard sword -1.

What is Bad Roleplaying, Anyway?
Are there really such things as good and bad roleplaying, and should they affect XP awards?

Fantasy Fungi
Sixteen weird fungi to use as dungeon dressing and more.

Of the Productivity of Peasants and the Price of Rations
A look at how unrealistic prices in D&D can be, and how to adjust them for better verisimilitude.

Making Unhittable Monsters Meaningful and Monster Vulnerabilities
No more cutting down every magical critter with a trusty sword +1!

Lines in the Water
One of my most popular posts, about how to manage plot hooks dynamically.

Of the Unquiet Dead and Things that Go Bump in the Night
Make undead creepy again!

Unlocking Challenges by Spending Loot
What's the point of all that treasure when you can buy everything in the equipment lists by level 2? Use it to fund bigger expeditions!

That'll Buff Right Out
Buff spells suck. Magic spells should allow you to accomplish something extraordinary, not give a piddly bonus to something you could do anyway.

Dragon Tactics for B/X
A dragon doesn't have to be as big as a mountain to be a terrifying foe.

Foreshadowing Danger
How to warn players of danger to enhance their decision-making.

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