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Some bloggers are fiercely protective of their ideas and actively discourage others from copying them.  I am NOT one of those bloggers.  All the original content contained in this blog is there to be used, copied, built upon, modified, redistributed, and enjoyed however the reader sees fit. 

If you decide to repost or link to one of my essays, or write your own post inspired by or incorporating some of my thoughts, let me know in the comments and include a link to your page!  Why?  Because if you're the sort of person who likes my ideas, I might very well like yours.  Even if you mainly just call attention to things you like rather than writing your own, there's probably something there I'd appreciate.  I also like to see how other people take an idea of mine and run with it, even turning it into something I barely recognize.  Constructive criticism is welcome, too.

I also try to give credit where it's due when I build on someone else's ideas, but sometimes I can't recall where I learned them in the first place.  If you see something here that riffs on an idea from another blog and I haven't cited a source, please let me know so I can give them proper credit!


  1. I posted this as a response to your Wounds Lite posting but i thought Id add it here too:

    I have been playing with a similar "wound point system" that I think may be even simpler to apply. In most versions of the game Ive played when you drop to zero you are unconscious and if you fall below zero you are either dead or at negative levels and dying ( depending what way you play this). I didnt like that there were no other options other than either you are in combat ( have hit points) or out of combat ( zero or below). I wanted there to be some options for suffering through sever wounds but still able to attack or defend, or on the ground unable to fight but able to grab a potion from a pack and drink it, etc) So here is what I came up with:

    A character may go to negative their Con score before they die. A character may go to negative half their Con score before they fall unconscious. For every negative below zero the character is, that character suffers a penalty to all rolls equal to that negative modifier and a penalty of -10 ft move per negative modifier. Furthermore, a character must make a Con save each round or suffer an additional negative modifier each round ( optionally a Death save)

    A character with a 12 Con for instance can fall to negative 6 before falling unconscious and negative 12 before dying. If he gets hit and falls to negative 3 all his rolls ( attacks, saves, etc) are at -3 and his move is reduced by 30 ft ( or if out of move ability he can crawl for 5 ft only).

    Healing: The wounded character ( or another character) must spend one round per negative point bandaging/caring for the character who fell below zero per negative he has until that character reaches zero to stabalize them. If they dont spend the entire time required and have to stop, the negative conditions apply and continue to drop again as listed above starting the next round.

    One option for players who dont want to tie the wound modifier into the Ability but rather into the Class can base it on the Characters HD instead- so a fighter can go to -8, Cleric to -6 Thief to -4 magic user to -4, Dwarf to -8, etc before going unconscious and double that until death.....

  2. An interesting an elegant idea for emulating the injured but semi-functional character.

    The only part I'd say was too fiddly for my tastes, is rolling a new constitution saving roll each round.