Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Character creation challenge day 27

 Day 27

System: B/X

Desired class: Halfling (alternate: fighter)

Ability scores rolled: 15, 7, 10, 17, 13, 12

Starting gold: 100 gp

Hot dice again today! Not only do the stats qualify for the class, they're good enough for the 10% XP bonus (St 13+, Dx 16+.) There's nothing that can be done with them point-exchange wise, so let's move on to hit points. A d6 roll yields 6, +1 for Constitution = 7. 

Andobras Hayfiddle, 1st level halfling

Strength 15 (+1 to melee attacks and damage and opening doors)

Intelligence 7 (can read and write simple words)

Wisdom 10

Dexterity 17 (+2 to missile attacks, -2 to AC)

Constitution 13 (+1 hp per die)

Charisma 12

AC 3      Hit points: 7        Alignment: Lawful

Special abilities: -2 to AC vs. large creatures, +1 to missile attacks, hide outdoors 9/10, indoors 2/6.

Chain armor, short sword, short bow, 20 arrows, backpack, standard rations, water skin, rope, 11 gp left.

Height: 3'3"        Weight: 58 lbs.        Age: 38

Andobras, Andy to his friends, is a strapping young halfling and doer of odd jobs that require strong arms and nimble fingers. Like any young halfling, he was entranced by stories of adventure and danger as a child; unlike most, he's never outgrown them and settled down to a respectable trade. Eager and with the bravery born of naivete, he'd love an opportunity to make a name for himself in one of those stories.

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