Saturday, January 30, 2021

Character creation challenge day 30

 Day 30

System: B/X

Desired class: Magic-user

Ability scores rolled: 15, 12, 15, 8, 14, 7

Starting gold: 110 gp

Very good scores here, which would make a superb fighter or cleric, but we're after a magic-user, so let's take 2 points from Strength and bump Intelligence to 13. I could raise it to 16, but having bonuses in Strength and Wisdom is kind of cool too. Hit points on d4 result in 2, +1 for Constitution =3. Rolling d12 for spells gives us a 4, hold portal.

Alessa the Studious, 1st level magic-user

Strength 13 (+1 to melee attack and damage and opening doors)

Intelligence 13 (+1 bonus language)

Wisdom 15 (+1 to magic-based saving throws)

Dexterity 8 (-1 to missile attacks, +1 to AC)

Constitution 14 (+1 hp per die)

Charisma 7 (-1 to reactions, max. retainers 3, retainer morale 6)

AC 10        Hit points: 3        Alignment: Lawful

Spell: hold portal

Dagger, silver dagger, backpack, lantern, 5 flasks of oil, tinder box, large sack, mirror, wolfsbane, 27 gp left.

Height: 5'6"        Weight: 160 lbs.        Age: 29

Knowledge is power, and Alessa craves the power that comes from knowledge of magic -- not to control others, but to be independent of them. Plain and socially awkward, she'd rather be studying dusty tomes by herself, but her mentor has decreed she go forth and gain practical experience, and that means learning to get along with an adventuring party, something that causes her no end of anxiety. 

I think this is the first character I've rolled to have no average scores -- everything is either above or below, which does make for an interesting character. Hold portal is not the most glamorous spell, but it's sure to have its uses if one is clever enough to look for opportunities. Fortunately, Alessa is also sturdy for a magic-user, so if it comes to it, she can contribute in other ways, maybe using her strength to bash down doors so the fighters are left free to leap into the breach.

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