Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Character creation challenge day 13

 Day 13

System: Goblins & Greatswords

Ability scores rolled (3d6 in order): 9, 16, 9, 6, 15, 13

Starting silver (2d6 x10): 70 sp

Lucky day 13, and it's time for another fantasy heartbreaker character! Goblins & Greatswords is even more fast and loose as regards classes and ability scores than even B/X. There are no prime requisites, for one. This set of scores looks like the makings of a quick, agile warrior, which is just what he'll be. Warriors roll d8 for hit points, giving a result of 7. Looking now at the equipment lists and the starting silver, I don't know what I was thinking, giving a paltry 2d6x5, so I'm revising that to 2d6x10.

Trastor Rellos, 1st level warrior

Might 9

Agility 16 (+2 to Combat Rating)

Fortitude 9

Wit 6 (speaks native language fluently, rudimentary read/write, -10% to XP earned)

Presence 15 (+1 to reactions, max. retainers, and retainer morale)

Spirit 13 (+1 to saves vs. magic and non-class magic item use)

Defense: 11           Damage Reduction: 2          Hit points: 7

Combat Rating: +4 (base 2 +2 Agility modifier)    Secondary Talent: Navigator

Mail armor (Damage Reduction 2,) quarterstaff (Damage 1d6, Defense +1,) backpack, bedroll, 10 days rations, 2 water skins, 50' rope, tinder box, 6 torches, large sack,  3 sp and 2 cp left.

Height: 5'10"        Weight: 165 lbs.        Age: 25

After serving for several years as a guard and deck hand on a coastal trading vessel, Trastor has put ashore to look for new prospects, and would welcome a place in an adventuring party. Merry and swaggering, tends toward overconfidence but his years as a marine guard have taught him the value of cooperation and teamwork.

Trastor's not going to be a heavy hitter due to his average Might, but Combat Rating (boosted by high Agility) is used both offensively and defensively, making him a skilled fighter nonetheless. A quarterstaff seemed a good choice for weapon, suiting his fighting style and his background.

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