Sunday, September 6, 2020

New dwarf class

 I love dwarves and halflings, but I'm not a big fan of demihuman characters taking up the same adventuring classes as humans. I would like them to have a little more variety, though. I worked up a couple of new classes that, to me, fit the feel of these non-human folk for my Goblins & Greatswords rules, so I thought I'd adapt them for old school D&D too. Here's a uniquely dwarven class for B/X, Labyrinth Lord, or whatever other old school game graces your table.


Dwarves are not, as a general rule, given to larceny, so there are no proper thieves among them. Dwarf adventurers who seek riches by their wits instead of force of arms are known as prospectors. 

RESTRICTIONS: Prospectors use six-sided dice (d6) to roll their  hit points, until 9th level, and gain +2 hit points per level thereafter until reaching their maximum of level 12. The Prime Requisite for prospectors is Wisdom, and they earn a bonus of +5% to earned experience points for a score of 13-15, and +10% for 16-18. Like standard dwarves, a prospector must have a Constitution score of 9 or higher.

A prospector may use any small or medium-sized melee weapon, favoring those that can double as tools such as axes, hammers, and picks (treat as axes in combat,) as well as crossbows and slings. They do not wear metal armor, due to it interfering with their special senses (see below,) but may wear leather armor. They cannot use shields.

They advance on the same XP progression as fighters, but use the cleric/thief attack matrices and make saving throws as a standard dwarf.

 SPECIAL ABILITIES: Prospectors have the thief abilities Open Locks, Find/Remove Traps, and Hear Noise as a thief of equal level. They also have the detection abilities of a standard dwarf, and the same chances to detect hollow spaces in stone within 10' and underground sources of water and fresh air, if any are within 120'. A prospector can sense the presence of precious metals and gems within 10' per level of experience by facing in the desired direction and concentrating for a full turn. A prospector can automatically judge the purity of precious metals simply by touching them for one round, and thus cannot be fooled by fakes, no matter how convincing.

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