Friday, April 6, 2018

Reaction table on 2d10

Charisma was the only ability score in classic D&D that didn't follow the standard progression of bonuses and penalties. Instead, the scores that normally gave a 2-point adjustment were held to 1 point, with 2 points coming only at the extremes of 3 and 18. That's because adjustments have an outsized impact on a 2d6 roll compared to their effects on the d20 rolls to which most of them are applied.

If that anomaly in an otherwise flawless symmetry ever bugged you, here's a solution: a 2d10 reaction table to accommodate the full range of ability adjustments. The odds of each reaction level are within a few tenths of a percentage point from the originals.

Roll (2d10 + modifiers)
Immediate attack
Hostile; -2 to next roll
Agreeable; +2 to next roll


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