Sunday, April 10, 2016

SOS! Help a blogger out! (No, not me)

Sometimes it happens in life that you find yourself in a situation that's not right for you.  Changes must be made, and it takes a boatload of courage to make them.  You set off, away from the familiar but unbearable, and into the great unknown. 

Sometimes, it can go amazingly right.  Things fall into place.  You have a plan, and all the rolls of the dice are coming up golden, or at least all the big ones are, and you can weather the little misfortunes.

Other times, things go sideways.  Despite your best plans, there are aspects of the situation simply beyond your control, and all it takes is one bad roll of the dice to send everything down the tubes. 

That's where one of my favorite people in the OSR blogosphere is right now.  You may know him through his game blog, Violent Media, or through his writing blog, Daily Fictive.  If you don't, well, here's your chance to check them out.  Edward's a good guy and an awesome writer.  I haven't yet had the pleasure of his acquaintance in conventional spacetime, but he's one of the bloggers with whom my socially-anxious self has interacted most in cyberspace, and he's never been anything but super cool.  (If you're reading this, Edward, I'm sorry I'm so godawful lousy at keeping in touch.  Found out about your dire situation through a post on False Machine.)

Anyway, he and his family have found themselves in a tough spot following some necessary changes they made in their lives a while back, and after several months of fighting the good fight against a craptastic economy and health issues, their resources are just about tapped out.  Now, I've been dirt poor all my life, but at least my situation has always been fairly stable.  I'll have to wait for my next paycheck to chip in a bit to help them out, but I plan to do so.  If you'd like to extend a helping hand to a fellow RPG enthusiast and writer, go here:

If you're hesitant to make outright donations, or even if you do donate, consider laying down a few bucks for one of his published game products.  (I especially recommend Fetishistic Arcana and Smile With Us, Friend, and I have my eye on The Quickly Equipped Murderhobo too.) 

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