Thursday, February 25, 2016

New magic item: Hole Paint

This viscous black liquid usually comes in a stoppered jar or flask, frequently with a brush or dauber affixed to the inside of the stopper.  It has no effect if consumed by a living creature.  When applied to any solid non-living surface, it creates a void up to 10' deep in the material, penetrating all the way through material less than 10' thick.  Any creature or object of an appropriate size may pass through or occupy the hole.  Note that the hole created is not an extradimensional space; it is an actual physical gap in the material to which it is applied.

A flask of Hole Paint usually contains enough paint to cover about 10 square feet, though it need not be used all at once.  A dab is enough to create a peep-hole, an eighth of a flask will make a hole large enough to extract loot from a locked chest, and an entire flask makes a hole about 3-1/2 feet in diameter through which most characters can easily crawl. 

The hole lasts until the paint is scraped off or washed away with a solvent such as vinegar or alcohol.  Anything inside the hole when the paint is removed becomes encased in solid material.  This is immediately fatal to living creatures. 

If splashed on a non-living construct such as a golem, a flask of Hole Paint will cause 6d8 points of damage.


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    1. That's a good point, though. I had it in my mind that the paint needs to dry for a few seconds before it's activated... that bit just got lost somewhere inside my head and never made it onto the page as it should have.