Thursday, October 31, 2013

On the back burner

It seems like I'm only just hitting my stride again after my mostly unintentional long hiatus earlier this year, but now I'm looking right down the barrel of a mostly postless November, too.  Why?  Because I'm getting ready to tackle National Novel Writing Month for the first time since 2011.  I've never actually "won."  I've come close a few times before getting derailed in the home stretch.  Now that the worst of my anxiety issues are in remission and I'm feeling fairly centered and stable, it's time to take another crack at it. 

What am I writing?  Nothing terribly ground-breaking, which means it's probably nothing that would interest most of my blog readers, given the seemingly overwhelming preference among OSR bloggers for something that's not just the same old formula in terms of world-building, adventure design, etc.  Myself, I rather like the tried-and-true fantasy tropes.  They're comfortable and familiar in a way I find inviting, and there's still plenty of room within them to tell a good story.  Not that I have anything against the radically new and original, but I don't feel any need to reinvent the wheel at this point.  Maybe after I get something "out there" in published form (e-book at least,) I'll get the itch to go off the rails into less charted territory, but not just yet.  So yes, it's a high fantasy epic, with a wizard and magic swords and goblins and dwarves and elves and ancient evils and all that, but not just a retelling of LoTR.  (Well, at least I HOPE I'm not inadvertently doing that.  I guess we'll see.)

The upshot of all this is that, for the next month, the Flagon is going to be simmering quietly on the back burner so I can devote all the time and imagination I can spare to some intensive novel-writing.  Twelve hours to midnight...Here goes nothing!

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