Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A week without internet

Horror of horrors, no internet for a whole week?  Yep, that's the plan.  Tomorrow morning, my wife and I are off to visit her family in Texas, and since I frankly do not trust the Department of Homeland Insecurity flunkies who staff our airports these days (Official motto: Keeping the skies safe from exploding breasts and testicles!) I've decided to leave my laptop at home and go low-tech for a week. 

That means no new posts for at least the next week, but I'll be taking along notepad and pencil (You want old school?  I'll show you old school!), a healthy supply of graph paper, and a drawing pad.  I'm expecting a fair bit of down time, not least because, as a life-long resident of the Pacific Northwest, I haven't yet been able to fathom how human life can endure Texas summer heat without benefit of air conditioning.  I personally don't intend to attempt the feat, so I'll be spending a lot of time indoors, and a lot of time writing and/or drawing.  Either my work-in-progress novel, my Keep on the Borderlands centered campaign setting, my long-neglected drawing skills, or some combination of the above, should reap the benefits.

There's something about knowing that I literally have nothing else to do which seems to help my brain focus on a particular project.  There's something about using an old-fashioned wood and graphite writin' stick that seems to stimulate parts of my brain that tapping on a keyboard misses.  It's been a long, long time since I've drawn up a dungeon on blank graph paper or keyed the areas in a lined notebook, and it's high time I get back to my game-mastering roots.

The day after we arrive back in the Northwest, the game itself is set to resume after a months-long hiatus.  It's been far, far too long since an orc or bugbear has fallen to the swords and spells of my nieces' characters.  Even the anticipation of being worn out from the ordeal of a day of air travel isn't dampening my excitement at that.  Things are really starting to look up, gaming-wise, at least.

With that thought, I'm out of here for a while.  I'll be back sometime in the near but as yet undetermined future.  In the words of Gandalf the Grey, "Expect me when you see me!" 

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