Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spell flavor: Magic Missile

Tired of boring old point-and-shoot magic missiles?  Test-fire one of these hot new variants today!  All guaranteed to function just like the book version, but with a style all their own.

The Magic Whip:  A whip of glowing orange magic appears in the caster's hand and may be lashed at the chosen target.  When the caster attains high enough levels to get multiple missiles, the whip gains additional "tails" which can strike together or independently at the caster's whim.

Orbiting Doom:  The spell conjures the appropriate number of egg-sized glowing orbs, which circle the magic-user until deployed, when they go slinging off toward their targets.

Spitfire:  The magic-user literally spits out the missiles from his or her mouth.  (That is one magic loogie!)

The Juggler:  The magic-user juggles the glowing missiles before flinging them at their targets.  A lot more impressive with more than one missile.

Thyatian Candle:  Tiny crackling missiles streak toward targets and burst into spectacular blooms of light on impact.

Eye Beams:  The caster's eyes glow and emit missiles.

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